Eastern Navigation is a leading owner and operator of Offshore Support Vessels, providing services to businesses engaged in the exploration and production of offshore energy reserves.

We own a fleet of over 40 offshore support vessels, including AHTS (Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessels), AHT (Anchor Handling Tug Vessels), Towing Tugs, Supply Vessels, Accommodation Vessels and Offshore Barges. Our in-house maintenance and technical management ensure vessels are always capable of delivering, and with speedy response to the fast-paced world of offshore. We are renowned for providing the following services:

  • Offshore Construction Support or Supply

    Our fleet of tugs, AHTs and barges is able to provide services to offshore construction companies, moving jackets, platforms and subsea equipment offshore, along with anchor handling services to construction vessels.

  • Inspection, Maintenance and Repair

    Our accommodation and maintenance units are able to provide safe, high quality work platforms for hundreds of personnel adjacent to offshore platforms, along with supporting services utilising our fleet of supply and standby vessels.

  • Rig Move / Production Supply and Support

    Our fleet of AHTS and supply vessels provides Oil & Gas operators with the equipment needed to safely move, position and support their drilling and production operations offshore.

  • Seismic Support & Escort

    Our fleet of offshore tugs is able to perform chase work alongside offshore and conventional vessels, as well as the re-supply and movement of passengers and crews to/from shore.

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Eastern Navigation adheres to stringent HSE processes for all of our solutions, and is dedicated to delivering a high standard of quality and reliability in all services to our customters.