Eastern Navigation was built upon the values that were instilled and inculcated by the company’s founder, Mr Tan Keng Hong. From the principle that “your word was your bond”, the company has steered its way to success as the region’s top service provider for offshore solutions within the offshore energy industry, backed by its strong fleet of over 40 offshore support vessels.

To continue this legacy, the company places utmost emphasis on the following:


A World Where Maritime Operations Are Seamless


To Become ASEANs Number 1 Choice for Offshore Fleet Chartering Services


Prudence: Having the foresight to preempt and avoid potential pitfalls from the start

Integrity: Upholding one’s word and delivering quality in all services provided

Diligence: Being thorough in ensuring operations are of the highest standards

With these goals and guiding principles combined, Eastern Navigation is therefore able to continually deliver high quality offshore support, thus providing assurance of a job well done, and anchoring its position as the Masters of Offshore Solutions.