Eastern Navigation is a leading ASEAN maritime support fleet provider, supplying over 40 offshore support vessels to the offshore energy industry.

Oil and Gas is one of the world’s most indispensable resources. Its demand is fast depleting onshore oilfields that are easily accessible in shallow waters, thus pushing production further offshore into challenging areas, and forcing complex shallow water redevelopment. In pursuit of these seabed resources, production is required to plumb the depths of harsh offshore environments, braving high seas, remote environments and extreme weather.

Eastern Navigation was founded by Mr. Tan Keng Hong in 1948, as Offshore Energy production gradually moved offshore. The company has over 60 years of experience and competence in managing offshore and marine operations.

From its roots of leasing small lighters (locally known as Tongkangs) to owning and operating over 40 offshore support vessels of the modern world – including AHTS (Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessels), AHT (Anchor Handling Tug Vessels), Towing Tugs, Supply Vessels, Accommodation Vessels and Offshore Barges – the company has continued to assure the offshore energy industry with safe, reliable service.

Today, Eastern Navigation is ASEAN’s leading offshore solutions provider. Leveraging on this rich heritage, Eastern Navigation aspires to become ASEAN’s first choice for offshore support vessel services, the foundation for offshore energy exploration and production.

En route, the company’s core values of prudence, integrity and diligence have stood firm, assuring a smooth-sailing voyage on all fronts. This includes maintaining stringent HSEQ processes, continually pursuing high standards of quality and reliability, as well as delivering technical and operational excellence.

Eastern Navigation envisions a world where offshore energy operations are seamless. It is rightly so. Every day since 1948, offshore challenges have been faced, and overcome. In such harsh offshore environments, professionals and veterans alike need to be doubly assured of a job well done. That is why they choose Eastern Navigation, Masters of Offshore Solutions.


The Eastern Navigation trademark is one that represents the company’s rich heritage, which is illustrated by the longstanding flag motif. It uses a bold typeface that highlights qualities of strength, alongside a vibrant red palette to emphasise the company’s eastern cultural roots, prosperity and reliability. To reflect the maritime theme, the trademark features a wave accent in the letter ‘A’, along with a blue tagline that represents the waters that ENA vessels operate in. Put together, these elements exude a flag hoisted high; a flag to overcome any challenge offshore.